My Favorite Bloggers + Influencers

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Being a blogger myself, I love following other bloggers and influencers on Instagram looking for outfit inspiration and beauty recommendations. Although following bloggers on Instagram always makes me want to buy new clothes, each blogger and influencer I follow on Instagram shares great deals and gives me an idea on how to put together the perfect outfit. Over the last couple of years of following bloggers and influencers on Instagram, I have narrowed down some of my favorites. There are so many under appreciated Instagram bloggers and influencers that I may not know about as well. These are just some of my personal favorites over the years, and I am always following new people on Instagram and looking for more inspiration! I hope this blog is a way to help you find some new inspiration and recommendations!


Are Dip Powder Nails Worth the Hype?

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Like any other girly girl, I love to keep up with the nail polish trends. Although I love painting my nails and experimenting with different nail polish colors, I have never done acrylic or even gel nails because of the damage they do to the nails. When I heard about the trend of β€œdip powder nails”, I thought I give it a go. I was intrigued by the fact that the dip powder manicure was supposed to last 3 weeks and was not nearly as damaging to your nails as acrylics and gel. A few articles later, I decided I wanted to give them a try and share my experience. Here is my very honest first experience with dip powder nails!