Practical and Stylish Items for Your Dog

Getting the best items for your dog never goes out of style! From purchasing necessities to accessories, it can always be difficult choosing the best item to buy for your dog. As a first-time dog owner, it was so difficult figuring out what to buy for my 30 pound goldendoodle. My puppy Lincoln recently turned a year old, so to celebrate, I put together a list of my favorite items. From necessities like leashes and collars, to accessories like bandanas, I included every item that is convenient and stylish to purchase for your lovable fur friend!

Identification/Dog Tags

Identification tags are always important and a great precaution I won’t let my dog leave the house without, so why not make them cute! The dog tag selection on Etsy gives you so many fun options to choose from, and it is always great to support small businesses. For my puppy, the classic dog bone style, along with a simple circular blue tag was the perfect purchase. These tags came so quickly, were easy to order, and the perfect size for my 30 pound doodle. This Etsy shop has many options and sizes for all the gorgeous dogs out there!

Max and Neo (leashes and collars)

Max and Neo leashes and collars are my go-to! The royal blue color looks beautiful against my doodle’s golden fur. There are reflective markings all over the leash and collar which are bright and reflective, keeping the owner and dog safe at night. Max and Neo also donates their items to rescue dogs with every purchase; how awesome is that!

Voyager Harness

My dog, Lincoln, may be the most stubborn dog out there when it comes to harnesses – he likes to chew on them, which means I have gone through many different harnesses and tried out a few brands. After trial and error, the Voyager brand has worked best. It is easy to customize the fit to what is best for your dog and it doesn’t break the bank.

The Foggy Dog Bandanas

The Foggy Dog has the best bandanas for your adorable fur friend. The bandana material is durable, while the drawstring linen bag included makes for easy and portable bandana storage. The Foggy Dog also sells other dog accessories, but my stubborn, yet adorable, dog only wears the bandanas :).

I hope you found a few new items for your fur friend! I would love to see your adorable doggy, so be sure to connect with my dog’s adventures on Instagram @lincolnthegoldendood !