Three American-Made Brands

Happy 4th of July! To celebrate, I wanted to share some brands and fashion related companies that manufacture and base their companies in America. It is always nice to support the stars and stripes, and I was very pleased that some of my favorite companies made this list. There are many other amazing brands and companies that are USA-based, but for this blog I wanted to include my current favorite brands.

Sub_Urban Riot

I have always loved the comfort of t-shirts, but have never been a fan of the style; this changed when I discovered Sub_Urban Riot. Their shirts are super soft, quality material, and are flattering on any body type. The sayings on each shirt always put a smile on my face, and I always get compliments wearing these shirts. Not to mention, these shirts have become staple items in my closet. They are perfect to throw on with jeans and conquer the day with confidence, comfort, and style!


Katydid has my favorite trucker style hats, and they just happen to be based and manufactured in America! Their hats are perfect to throw on for a day around town, or to add extra personality to your look. The distressed look on each hat is my favorite detail! If you aren’t a fan of hats, they also have cute shirts and other accessories to try out.


Glossier is the best skincare and makeup for a glowy, natural look. I never feel like I am wearing makeup with their products and each product enhances natural beauty so well. My top 3 favorite products are the clear lip gloss, clear boy brow, and cloud paint in the shade puff. For such a widespread, popular company, I was excited and surprised to hear they conduct their business and manufacturing all in the USA!

I hope y’all found a new brand to try out and discovered some companies with extra USA pride!