Environmentally Friendly Brands + Items!

In celebration of Earth Day this year, I wanted to share some brands and products that support the environment. Whether you are looking for an ethically sourced pair of jeans, or are looking for the perfect collapsible straw to take on your next coffee run, this blog post has you covered!

Clothing Brands

A few environmentally friendly clothing brands that stand out to me include O’Neill, Reformation, and Levi’s. When a bikini I ordered from O’Neill came in the mail, I noticed an informative tag about their recycled nylon fabric (Mipan regan), and wanted to share that O’Neill uses recycled nylon to make my new favorite swimsuit! If you have heard of the brand Reformation, you may have heard of their sustainable practices. A fun fact about Reformation is that their brand has been 100% carbon neutral since 2015. Another clothing brand that is environmentally cautious is Levi’s. Levi’s uses recycled materials and concentrates on less waste.

Jewelry Brands

It is great to know that some of my favorite jewelry companies prioritize sustainability and the environment, and those brands include Monica Vinader and Pura Vida. Something you may not know about the jewelry from Monica Vinader is that every piece is made by hand. The company also gets certification to guarantee responsible environmental practices, which I think is so unique. My all-time favorite bracelet is the Rose Gold Havana Mini Friendship Bracelet. I wear mine everyday and it is such an elegant and timeless piece. Pura Vida has a section on their website for bracelets you can purchase that support environmental causes. Who doesn’t want an affordable and cute bracelet that supports a good cause?!┬áThe 4Ocean bracelet is made out of a pound of plastic from the ocean. 4Ocean’s mission is to end the issue of plastic in our oceans, and their beaded bracelets┬áremove 1 pound of plastic from the ocean. These bracelets make for great gifts and the durable bracelets are comfortable and cute to wear all day.

Thrift Stores

Thrifting is a great way to reduce fast fashion, spend less money on cute items, and save the environment from fast fashion. ThredUp is an online thrift store, making your shopping experience just as convenient as shopping anywhere else. ThredUp offers a plethora of my personal favorite brands like Abercrombie, Billabong, Free People, O’Neill, and many more. Thrifting is also a great thing to do with friends and you can help each other find cute pieces. P.S. To all my Los Angeles friends, Crossroads is my favorite thrift store! Although this isn’t a thrift store, Rent the Runway is a great service for those items you only need once. Rent the Runway is perfect for renting a dress for a big event, saving money, and saving precious closet space! Plus, you can rent your dream designer pieces for a significantly smaller price tag. Rent the Runway is a great example of reduce and reuse!

Your next purchases…

There are a bunch of cute single use items that take a step in an environmentally friendly direction! A purchase I highly recommend is a reusable straw and a reusable cup. These are perfect for your coffee shop runs, and is a little way to make a big difference. This collapsible straw is compact and convenient, and even comes with a straw cleaner! My favorite tumbler for Starbucks runs is the Bubba Stainless Steel Bottle (this perfectly fits a grande drink). I also recommend 4ocean products: they have reusable cups, collapsible straws, and the perfect reusable totes. On the note of reusable totes, the MV tote is my new favorite canvas tote bag as it is a great size, and I find myself bringing it everywhere with me!

I hope this blog inspired you to try out some new items and learn more about sustainability in fashion! Happy Earth Day!