DIY: Aesthetic Fashion Vision Board!

Vision boards: a great way to find your style, express your creativity, and spend time off electronics! In this blog, I shared with you all my tips on how to make the best and most aesthetic fashion vision board.


To make the most inspiring and aesthetic vision board, here are the essential supplies.

  • Glue stick (my favorite is the Elmer’s washable glue stick)
  • Poster Board (my favorite board size is 28″ by 20″)
    • TIP: you can use both sides of the vision board to make 2 vision boards!
  • Scissors 
  • Magazines/printed inspiration pictures
    • TIP: Using magazines for fashion vision boards is my favorite way to explore the current trends and explore editorial style photoshoots.

Step 1: Choose a theme + inspiration pictures

When making a vision board, I think it is extremely important to have a theme in order to help you choose your inspiration  pictures. Some themes I love are travel/fashion abroad, what I would wear if I worked in the fashion industry, high-fashion logos, and vision boards specific to one brand (for example, a board of only Chanel inspiration pictures). The picture below shows 2 of my past vision boards: the first one includes some high fashion logos, and the second one is brand specific to Chanel, and I chose all black and white pictures.

Once you choose your theme, go through your Pinterest boards or fashion magazines (my favorites are Harper’s Bazaar and Vogue) and pick out pictures that stand out to you. When you are first choosing pictures, you can be pretty broad, just choose all the pictures that inspire you!

Next, narrow down your options, and choose your top favorite pictures that you must have on your board. I like to narrow my options by choosing the most unique pictures that most closely match with my theme.

Step 2: Layout pictures + glue

After choosing the pictures that you are excited to put on your board, before gluing everything down, lay out how you want your pictures to be. When you are laying out everything on the board, figure out which pictures you want overlapping. Once you solidify where you want your pictures to be, take a picture with your phone so you can remember exactly where you put everything, and you can refer to the picture if you forget where to glue a specific picture. Start gluing your pictures to the board, and you are almost done making the perfect vision board!

Step 3: Add finishing touches

Once you glue everything to the board and make sure everything is where you want it to be, you are finished! Clean up the extra glue marks on your board, clean up your work area, and enjoy your beautifully done vision board. I chose the theme “travel”, and this is how my vision board turned out! I would love to see your finish products too, so tag or DM me on Instagram (@katiaalexafashion) with your completed vision board masterpiece!

Thank you for reading my blog, I hope that this inspired you to try out a fun and inspiring craft!