My Favorite Bloggers + Influencers

Being a blogger myself, I love following other bloggers and influencers on Instagram looking for outfit inspiration and beauty recommendations. Although following bloggers on Instagram always makes me want to buy new clothes, each blogger and influencer I follow on Instagram shares great deals and gives me an idea on how to put together the perfect outfit. Over the last couple of years of following bloggers and influencers on Instagram, I have narrowed down some of my favorites. There are so many under appreciated Instagram bloggers and influencers that I may not know about as well. These are just some of my personal favorites over the years, and I am always following new people on Instagram and looking for more inspiration! I hope this blog is a way to help you find some new inspiration and recommendations!

Champagne and Chanel ~ Emily Herren

If I were to recommend any blogger to follow on Instagram, it would be Champagne and Chanel. She was the first blogger I followed on Instagram when I started my fashion Instagram and blog 3 years ago, and her style and posts never get old.  Emily’s style is universal, affordable, and she is so good about sharing new brands and pieces that fit everyone’s style. She gives her followers so many options with clothes; from beach cover-ups to formal event dresses. Her personality really shows through her Instagram stories and it’s really nice to see such a genuine and positive blogger. Not to mention, her dogs are absolutely adorable!

Instagram: @champagneandchanel



Margot Lee

This girl is the definition of a boss woman. A college student, an active blogger, and YouTuber: she does it all! She stays on trend but adds her New York City vibe to each outfit. She gives the best beauty recommendations, and her blog is always enjoyable to read. This hardworking girl expresses her style and shares it with the world, and I love keeping up with the trends that she achieves so flawlessly.

Youtube: Margot Lee

Instagram: @margot.lee



Rachel Prochnow

If you like bright colors and amazing, unique, and well thought out photos on your feed, you have to follow this girl on Instagram! Her uplifting spirit and love for travel is evident on her Instagram and blog, and her photos are just flawless. She shares affordable and bright colored pieces from boutiques and chain stores, and she adds her own twist on every outfit, which I seriously respect. She share her life journey through her travels, and she also shares her faith and love for God, which I personally love. Rachel is very interactive with her Instagram followers, and never misses a change to respond to a DM or a comment 🙂

Instagram: @rachelprochnow



Pia Shah

Pia Shah’s Instagram is my definition of trendy and aesthetic. Her style seems to consist of neutral colors and amazing shoes and accessories. Each one of her outfit photos is unique and trendy, and she never fails to kill the caption game! There are so many fashion and beauty influencers out there, but Pia’s active posting and amazing sense of style makes her stand out. Like Rachel Prochnow, she is so good about answering DM’s and being available to her Instagram followers. Pia is someone who I get photo inspiration from on the daily, and each post is yet another iconic outfit.

Youtube: Pia Shah

Instagram: @piashah_


Heather Poppie

I just recently followed Heather on Instagram, and she is seriously such a light on my Instagram feed! She shares her daily life in Knoxville, Tennessee on her stories, and her sense of style is amazing. Heather shares clothing options for all weather and includes the cutest accessories.

Instagram: @heatherpoppie



Like all of these amazing bloggers, I also post outfit pics, and fun days in my life! Make sure to follow me for blog updates and outfit inspiration, @katiaalexafashion 🙂

P.S. hope everyone is staying healthy during this chaotic time, sending love and prayers your way!