Holiday Gift Guide!

Now that thanksgiving is over, it’s time to get in the holiday spirit and start shopping for thoughtful gifts that won’t break the bank! I’ve included my all-time favorite gifts to give, and gifts I would love to receive myself. So let’s get to shopping for friends family, and yourself!

Stocking Stuffers

A Hydro Flask or a Yeti is a classic gift for any friend since everyone can use a water bottle! Although pricey for a water bottle that dents easily, I’m always drinking water from my Hydro Flask and it keeps my water cold for days on end. Kate Spade has the CUTEST little accessories that are decently priced and perfect to throw in a stocking. A card case is timeless gift, and you can throw in a gift card or two if you want to add a little something extra to the gift. Although an oil diffuser might not fit in a stocking, I think its the perfect little gift. An oil diffuser makes your room smell fresh and clean, while adding a modern vibe to any room.

Gift Basket

Buying a gift for someone when do you don’t know what they want is not easy; so I recommend making them a gift basket! Buying a simple cloth bin and filling it with small gifts would be a very creative and smart gift; you can never go wrong with giving people a little bit of everything! So head out and buy your friends favorite gum, candy, lip balm, and perfume, put it in a cute basket, and voilá; you have an amazing, quick and easy gift! Williams Sonoma, Macy’s, Target, and Costco have great pre-made gift sets!


There’s something so thoughtful about receiving jewelry from a loved one. Pandora, Swarovski, and Unwritten at Macy’s have amazing quality earrings, bracelets, and necklaces at an affordable price. The elegant pieces I wear daily are from Unwritten and have lasted me years. A very thoughtful piece of jewelry is a 4Ocean bracelet, which is made from a pound of plastic from the ocean. This is a thoughtful gift because is supports a great cause, and is the perfect go-to gift for any guy or girl!



And my favorite gift to give and receive – beauty products! I’ve been having a lot of fun painting my own nails instead of going to the nail salon, so this Christmas season, I’ll be giving my favorite nail polish as gifts. OPI nail polish is my go-to because of the wide range of colors and how easy it is to apply to both finger and toe nails. (My all time favorite colors are “No stopping me now” and “Worth a Pretty Penne“). Moving on to skincare… facial spray! I apply Mario Badescu face spray everyday, and it’s seriously the most refreshing and calming product. I love the rosewater face spray, but I also recommend the cucumber and green tea face spray. If you are interested in rose water spray, I would totally recommend to make it yourself! The Happy DIY Home article tells you the benefits of rose water as well as gives you a tutorial! (FYI, on the Mario Badescu website, they have adorable put together gift sets and stocking stuffer sets with some of their best products!). Lip balm is a gift I always appreciate, and I feel like I’ve mastered the lip balm game to a science. The EOS mint lip balm feels exactly like the Glossier mint balm dot com for way less expensive. *If you want to hear my opinion on the Glossier lip balm, click here! I’ve also heard incredible things about the Laneige lip glowy balm. The Daisy by Marc Jacobs perfumes are the only perfumes I use, and a rollerball would be a very thoughtful gift.


Feel free to DM me on instagram @katiaalexafashion with any questions, or let me know if you bought any of these! 🙂 I hope everyone stays warm over the holiday season and has Happy Holidays and a Merry Christmas!