My Office Renovation!

My summer project was creating a workspace for sewing, designing, and blogging while staying on budget! From working on my dining room table to now my dream office, I’m thrilled with how it turned out and am excited to share the final result. Without further ado… welcome to my office!

Desk, Chair, Light fixture

For sewing and designing, a must for me was a large and clean space. The linnmon IKEA desk was the perfect height, length, and price! On my desk, I always have a cutting board for fabric, magazines for inspiration, and my sewing machine to bring my ideas to life. A comfortable and inexpensive chair is hard to find, but this swivel chair from IKEA fit the bill perfectly. It’s comfortable and I can easily move around my desk. Although I love natural light, the small window doesn’t give me enough to light up the room. The 5 adjustable spotlights add an industrial feel to the room and give me more than enough light!


I have quite a bit of fabric that I need space for, and the 9-cube organizer shelf  is perfect for all my fabric, patterns, and other supplies. The fabric/box organizer shelf makes it easy to access fabric, makes the best use of the space, and adds a pop of color with the fabric bins. There are a variety of colors for the fabric box inserts, but of course I had to choose light pink, red for a fun twist, and cream to keep it simple. Decor hack: leave some of the boxes open to minimize clutter to open up the space.


One of my favorite parts of the room are the New York, Los Angeles, and London time zone clocks; such an inexpensive and unique way to pull the room together! The clocks from IKEA are simple, inexpensive, and fit my vision perfectly, while the vinyl letter stickers were ideal since you can just stick them on the wall. You can also add another time zone clock easily!


Other fun details

There are many little details in this room that I’m obsessed with, and I had to link them for y’all! I love reading fashion magazines such as Harpers Bazaar, Elle, and Vogue, so I decided to make a vision board with some inspiration pics. It was so much fun to make, and it’s custom room decor 🙂 A room isn’t mine unless it has at least one candle in it! The Voluspa pink citron candle matches the vibe of the room perfectly. Listening to music while I’m working, is a necessity so the Amazon Alexa Dot was an easy choice for me. I can even order supplies easily! A succulent is a healthy touch to any room, and low maintenance –  perfect for me! There are many options at Trader Joe’s so I couldn’t resist buying one for this room. A fun activity I love to do with my family is make puzzles. I picked up this adorable vintage stamps puzzle and thought it added a pop of color to my door. This beautiful Nambe silver bowl is a classy addition to my desk and a great way to catch all the nick nacks.


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