Hair Products I Can’t Live Without

With some trial and error, I have found the perfect hair products that keep my hair looking like I just had a blowout. In todays blog, I am sharing my go-to hair products that help me have a good hair day everyday!

Shampoo & Conditioner

I’ve tried many different brands of shampoo and conditioner and Aveda is the one I found works best for me. As a girl with thick hair, I prefer to wash my hair every other day. The Scalp Benefits shampoo keeps my hair oil and dandruff free. The Smooth Infusion conditioner makes your hair silky smooth. I love that Aveda products are organic, naturally derived and formulated without parabens, phthalates, and sodium lauryl sulfate. So not only do they make my hair look good, their products aren’t terrible for my hair.


How I Keep My Hair Healthy

Instead of applying heat to my hair everyday, I love to use the Ouai Wave Spray to give my hair the perfect beachy wave (this would be a great gift for one of your girlfriends too). When I’m lazy but still want my hair to look good, I use the Ouai Air Dry Foam to reduce frizz and make my hair look healthy. Another Ouai product that I’m obsessed with is the Rose Hair and Body Oil. After I straighten my hair, I apply this to make my hair less coarse. If you are looking to buy a Ouai product, the first one I would buy is probably the Rose Hair and Body Oil, because I don’t think you can go wrong with it! Also, you should know that every Ouai product smells heavenly! 🙂


Drybar products worth the splurge

Although Drybar can be expensive, you can recreate your favorite Drybar blowouts at home! When I get my hair done at Drybar, I always get the cosmo, so I had to buy The 3-Day Bender for the perfect curl at home. The curler heats up very fast and it’s so easy to get the ideal curl. Before I curl my hair, I use the Hot Toddy spray to protect my hair from the heat. After I curl my hair, I add the finishing touches: Money Maker hairspray & Sparkling Soda. The Money Maker hairspray is my absolute favorite because it keeps my fly aways down without making my hair crusty. For a fun touch, I add the Drybar Sparkling Soda to add shine to my hair. I added this to my hair routine because it smells amazing (like every Drybar product) and it adds the perfect silky touch to your hair.

My go-to straight hair look

My natural hair is wavy, but I love to straighten it because it makes my hair surprisingly low maintenance. I always reach for the Glamfields hair straightening brush since it’s incredibly easy to use and gives my hair the look I’m going for. The package comes with the straightener, a heat glove, and a bag for traveling with it (so helpful).


Hope you found a new hair product to keep your hair looking beautiful!