Is It Worth The Hype?

There are many brands that are advertised on social media that make you think: is it worth the hype? I rated popular brands like Tiffany & Co, Lululemon, and Jo Malone, from 1 to 5 dollar signs for price, and graded the overall brand out of 10 based on value.

Tiffany & Company

The elegant designs of Tiffany & Co. jewelry and the iconic blue boxes make you want it all! I have purchased a few things from Tiffany’s, and some items I am pleased with, and others not at all. I have the Tiffany Bow ring and the Olive Leaf band ring, both in sterling silver, and love them! Although they tarnish frequently without proper treatment, I love wearing mine, and they are an elegant addition to any look. My first blue box was the iconic ‘Return to Tiffany’ earrings, and it was not the most pleasing experience. Besides an uncharacteristic allergic reaction, I was also disappointed with the lock on the back of the earrings which did not feel very secure. The weight of the earring and the compression against my ear lobe also led to a less than desirable purchase.¬†Overall, although I love the rings from Tiffany’s, I think the brand is overrated and overpriced.

Price rating: $$$$$

Overall rate: 6/10

Ted Baker

Ted Baker’s vintage yet modern style never gets old! Although pricey, the fabrics/materials they use are obviously high quality. I have a dress, a pencil case, a makeup bag, and a card case, and I love every piece! The designs are unique and make me feel confident and pretty. A makeup bag/pencil case from Ted Baker would be a fantastic gift for any of your girlfriends, and any purchase from Ted Baker would be a great “treat yourself” gift. The card case I have is feminine and the rose gold details are absolutely adorable! My orange, strapless Ted Baker dress is vibrant and fun for a spring or summer event, and the fabric lays beautifully. Although Ted Baker is a splurge, it is a brand I always save up to buy!

Price rating: can differ from $$$ to $$$$$

Overall rate: 10/10

Jo Malone

Jo Malone: the brand from London that sells perfumes, candles, and other scented products. I have seen a countless number of influencers and bloggers rave about Jo Malone, and had to try it myself. I bought the Orange Blossom Candle when I visited London and instantly fell in love with the scent. The packaging is modern and simplistic and the candle is simple yet refined, I don’t want to burn it! The candle costs $67 (which is definitely a splurge) and burns up to 45 hours.

Price rating: $$$$

Overall rate: 10/10


Glossier is a brand that sells makeup, skincare, and fragrance products with aesthetically pleasing packaging. Although I love my mint balm dot com (lip balm), I find the texture and ingredients similar to vaseline, and still can’t get over the $12 price tag! Their products are very unique and well thought out: for example, their ‘cloud paint’ is a paste/cream blush with packaging that looks like a paint tube… how cute! Glossier has built their name into an empire and they are very interactive with their followers. I also respect how they consistently come out with new products. I went to a Glossier store and loved how engaging it was, which intrigued me to buy a product. Although I wouldn’t purchase the lip balm again, I would consider buying a makeup or skincare product from them. Glossier is attentive to their customers wishes and I would buy a product from them again!

Price rating: $$ (for makeup, it’s less expensive but for lip balm, it’s overpriced)

Overall rate: 8/10


Lululemon: the athletic wear that everyone can’t get enough of! I have mixed emotions about Lululemon because the sportswear quality is reliable and comfortable, but the price is daunting. I don’t feel bad about spending money at Lulu every once and a while, but the price adds up. I always love going into their stores when I can, and would recommend anyone to buy something from Lululemon if you are an athlete, like to work out, or just love athleisure. If you aren’t loving the price tag, look at their “We Made Too Much” section and hope thy have something in your size that you want! Some other sportswear options that I love are Althleta, Sweaty Betty, or Nordstrom.

Price rating: $$$$

Overall rate: 9/10