Fun Fall/Winter Accessories!

Fall is here and winter is coming, so stock up on accessories! Scarves, beanies, and gloves galore to keep us warn and stylish this fall and winter!

Fall + Winter = Scarves

You can never have too many scarves! Scarves can be worn in many different ways and can even be worn all year round. I would recommend buying an infinity scarf, because there are multiple ways to wear them and they have a great selection at Lululemon, Anthropologie, and many more stores. You can find scarves at pretty much every apparel store. Scarves are very comfortable and will keep you warm on these cold nights.


Beanies, baby!

Fun Fact: beanies are a necessity for those cold fall and winter days and nights. They keep your head warm and they make an outfit fun. You can even personalize your beanies with patches or other fun embellishments. Like scarves, beanies can be found anywhere you can find scarves. Keep warm, help others, and feel good about yourself by purchasing a hat from Love your Melon. Urban Outfitters has beanies and hats that are unique for everyone’s personal preferences and are still in a reasonable price range!

Fits like a Glove

Gloves are indispensable when it’s cold out. Similar to scarves and beanies, there are so many options and you can find them anywhere. Fingerless, knitted, leather, mittens, touch sensitive gloves, (for smartphone use) you name it; they are a perfect winter accessory!

Do it yourself!

There are many DIY knitting kits, such as Stitch & Story for you to try, even if you have no experience in knitting! These are also great and thoughtful gifts. If knitting is not your thing, but you want to try something new, you can even sew a piece of fabric into a scarf! For example, I went to a fabric store and found the fabric in the picture below with white pom-poms on the trim. All that was necessary was to hem the sides! It was quick and easy, and a perfect way to make something unique, and a great gift. Also, there is nothing better than saying “I made this myself.”