It’s Fall Y’all!

Happy Fall 2017! To help you be as stylish as you can, I am giving some advice on fall fashion trends! In this blog post, you will get into the details of fall fashion.

Fashion Trend #1: Bold Colors

Some of the many in trend fall colors are plum purple, burgundy red, dark emerald green, and sunset orange. You can accent these colors by adding a scarf or a piece of jewelry that accents the colors well. Silver and gold jewelry will add a nice touch to a bold colored blouse, and infinity scarfs are never a bad idea!



Fashion Trend #2: Jeans, Jeans, Jeans!

Ripped jeans, jean jackets, you name them! Jeans are perfect for fall; they are stylish, comfortable, and perfect for everyday use. A fun DIY is to put patches on jeans. My last blog post has information on how to spice up a regular jean jacket, into a patched jean jacket! This fun soft drapey sweater at the front of the jean jacket adds some style and snazz too.


Fashion Trend #3: Jacket weather (and flannels too!)

A perfect go-to outfit is a flannel and jeans. Throw on a wool-blend jacket for those cooler fall nights. This vintage inspired swing coat adds a little flair.



Fashion Trend #4: Shoes make the difference!

When people say shoes can make or break an outfit, they aren’t kidding! Ankle boots are perfect for fall, and are perfectly styled with jeans. I find ankle boots more comfortable and just as stylish for everyday use.