DIY Patched Jean Jacket

This DIY Patched Jean Jacket is super fun, easy, unique, customizable, and on trend.

I found a fun 15 piece pack and a Wonder Woman patch.



Step #1 – We’re getting started…

Check the tag that the garment you are using for this project is suitable for ironing medium to high heat. I used my jean jacket that I purchased from Forever 21, but you can find cute and inexpensive jackets on Amazon. I purchased these 15 pieces of patches on Amazon along with a Wonder Woman patch.


Step #2 – Bring on the patches!

Place the patch in the desired location. You can put as many patches as you want.


Step #3 – Making the patches stick.

If you choose to iron your patches on, cover the patch and garment with a piece of cloth. Before purchasing the patches, find out if the patches are iron-on (most patches are). Make sure the cloth is as big as the iron so you don’t ruin the item of clothing. Place the hot iron over the patch for about 20 seconds for each patch; be careful!


Step #4 – Voila, magic!


Let your final product cool, and enjoy!